IRES Intelligence Platform (IIP)


IRES Intelligence Platform (IIP)

IIP, the strategic intelligence platform of the IRES

The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies aims to contribute to shedding light on the country’s strategic choices, in particular through its forward-looking watch and its ability to analyze current developments.

Since 2008, the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies aims to contribute to shedding light on the country’s strategic choices, in particular through its forward-looking monitoring and its ability to analyze current developments.

This platform aims to organize all the publications of the Institute (strategic studies, thematic reports, analyses, proceedings and summaries of seminars …) to offer easy digital access. Platform Guide.

The different themes are divided according to the IRES reading grid (see opposite), which allows to orientate the solutions to the major issues of the present and the future.

  • Context : the global elements making it possible to understand the general meaning of the transformations in progress (Big Picture) and to describe the visions of the future that are emerging (development models, for example).
  • Human-centric : all the evolutions and aspirations that contribute to reshaping Humanity, in its uniqueness as well as in its sociability, in its relationship to the machine, to work, to its living environment, etc.
  • Nature-centric : the search for a different relationship with the living world, an economy that is more respectful of the environment and a lifestyle that is less oriented towards consumption; and the awareness that we must now take care of nature and all living things.
  • Exponentiality : all structural phenomena that accelerate exponentially, such as communication technologies, digitization, demography, economic competition, financialization, social inequalities, etc.
  • Planetization: a new, disruptive stage of progress, during which coexist a state of globalization (post-globalization) and a new awareness of the “living” quality of the planet, as a biosphere of which humans are only one of the components.
  • Governance: all the processes involved in managing collective action, from the orientation of actors’ behaviour (bottom-up) to the mobilization and motivation of “agents” (concerted actions, soft power).


A Strategic Report dedicated to the Ocean, a global issue that could also become a solution to development on a global scale.


Major Transitions

The current global context is shaped by an accelerating pace of change. Some of these changes are the result of natural evolution; others constitute a break with the world order of the 20th century.



This strategic report is devoted to the conditions and prospects for the autonomous development of the African continent.



The Strategic Report on “Global Challenges for the Biosphere” describes the present and future impact of climate change and the ecological footprint.


International Relations

This updated Strategic Report highlights the foundations of the Kingdom’s foreign policy.


X.0 Development Model

Aiming at the well-being of the Moroccan population, this model constitutes a contribution of the IRES to the reflection on this issue (Strategic Report).


Post-Covid-19 World

This Strategic Report suggests the beginnings of major transformations and disruptions well beyond the pandemic.