Scientific Research and Innovation

In December 2010, IRES conducted a study on "Structuring scientific research: an analysis of the situation and recommendations". This study helped to assess the situation of Morocco at the international level, provide elements of evaluation on its visibility and attractiveness in terms of R&D as well as on its capacity for innovation and, finally, identify the obstacles hindering its competitiveness before suggesting proposals for a better positioning of Morocco in the context of globalization.

Another study was conducted in 2015, entitled "How to make Morocco a regional hub for scientific research and innovation?". In other words, can a qualitative breakthrough in innovation be achieved in Morocco by structuring the national research and innovation system according to a regional hub logic?

The 2019 study on scientific research and innovation in the Arab world, aimed, among other things, to examine the reforms carried out in the Arab world in the field of scientific research and innovation, identify the opportunities to be seized and the risks to be anticipated in order to strengthen the international influence of this region of the world, accelerate its overall development and reflect on the public policies to put in place to promote scientific research and innovation in the Arab world, with reference to some successful international experiences in this field.