Water Resources

The issue of water is a major challenge for the Kingdom’s sustainable development. This vital resource is subject to pressures caused by natural constraints (scarcity, poor spatial distribution, drop in dam storage capacity), anthropogenic constraints related to human activities (overexploitation of water tables, degradation of water quality, etc.) and the impact of climate change (drought, water shortage, etc.).

Aware of the importance of this crucial issue for the country’s development, this question has been considered as a priority in the Institute’s reflection work. In this context, IRES finalized, at the end of December 2019, a study on the issue of water in Morocco according to the Nexus approach "Water-Energy-Agriculture-Ecosystems".

This study, launched at a time when Morocco had just embarked on the process of designing its development model, aims, in particular, to take stock of existing natural resources and the pressures to which they are subject in the context of climate change, examine interactions between water, energy, agriculture and natural ecosystems, analyse the degree of consistency of public policies in the four above-mentioned fields, formulate proposals and identify action levers capable of providing in-depth answers to the water issue in Morocco within the framework of the NEXUS approach.