The Development Model

In keeping with its interest in the issues of global competitiveness and intangible capital, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Royal Speech to the Parliament in October 2017, IRES has paid particular attention to reflecting on the development model.

Thus, IRES has prepared a study on "Morocco, a future emerging country: what strategy to accelerate Morocco’s transition to an emerging country status" and a report dealing with the issue of employment and value creation at the international level. The main objective of this report was to examine the specific analytical dimensions that have or may have an influence on the relationship between "employment" and "value creation".

The study on employment and value creation highlighted the components of value, structural transformations and challenges, for the period 2030-2050, that are inherent to the issues of employment and value creation, the new aspirations that will influence the modalities of exercising activities as well as the new paradigms, and identified some scenarios relating to the issue of value creation and employment, while focusing on emerging countries, in particular Morocco.

IRES’ research work on the development model was crowned by the elaboration of a strategic report (Cf. Morocco Panorama in the world ), devoted to the global systemic issues that should be taken into consideration when setting up a new development model for Morocco, a report that takes into account all the conclusions of the Institute’s work on the social bond, global competitiveness and intangible capital, climate change and international relations.

IRES also organized in 2019 two conferences on the development model. The first one, in partnership with the Main Group of Partners in Morocco, was intended to provide a fresh insight on the issues and challenges that the Kingdom has to take up and to formulate proposals to help move forward in the implementation of an inclusive, competitive development process likely to generate a genuine emergence of Morocco.

The work of this meeting has resulted in a summary report which attempted to highlight the areas of convergence observed in the conclusions of the analysis carried out on the question of the development model, separately by IRES and the Main Group of Partners in Morocco, as well as the main ideas resulting from the debates.

The second conference was organized jointly with the "Strategic Studies and Economic Development" College, based at the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology under the theme: "Employment and development: Towards employment-centred public policies".

The objective of this meeting was to contribute to reflecting on a crucial issue that challenges decision-makers in all countries, particularly those with a young population, often educated but without a clear professional perspective, in a context of rapid emergence of disruptive technologies, including the digital revolution.