The Moroccan Image Observatory

In order to further reflect on intangible capital and, after having carried out, in 2011, a study on human capital and several studies on the social bond (including the social capital dimension), IRES focused on other dimensions inherent to intangible capital: brand capital and social capital.

Based on the observation that brand capital has a significant weight in the intangible capital and in the overall wealth of Morocco, IRES set up the Observatory of Morocco’s Reputation in 2015. During the same year, it conducted, in partnership with the "Reputation Institute", a world leader in brand analysis, the first study on the reputation of Morocco in the world.

The study on reputation, which has reached its fifth edition in 2019, aims at identifying – on the basis of 17 attributes – three dimensions, namely the quality of life, the level of development and the quality of institutions, the perception of the Kingdom’s image in the countries of the former G-8 (G- 7+Russia), which represent buoyant markets for Morocco’s exportable products and potential emitting markets of tourist flows and direct investments towards the Kingdom, and in 16 developed and/or emerging countries from the main regions of the world, which are a priority in Morocco’s international positioning strategy. This study also makes it possible to assess Morocco’s internal reputation, which is formed by all the perceptions that Moroccans have of their own country.

In addition, IRES carried out, in 2016, a study entitled: "What levers can help build a Morocco brand strategy?" This study aims to explain the concept of the brand, to determine the way in which it can be implemented at the sectoral and territorial level and to showcase successful brand strategies in developed and emerging countries.

Alongside the appreciation of Morocco's international image, IRES conducts a strategic watch on Morocco's international positioning, by monitoring a battery of strategic international indicators. These indicators are grouped together in the Strategic Dashboard, one of the outputs of IRES advanced watch system. This strategic dashboard, which has reached its seventh edition in 2019, is a tool for analysing the evolution of Morocco's positioning at the international level in the political, economic, social, cultural and environmental fields. It includes nearly 200 strategic indicators, classified according to the institute's strategic watch areas (DVS).

This work involved a dozen or so experts and associate researchers from a variety of backgrounds and led to the organization of 10 meetings attended by institutional actors and economic operators concerned, as well as experts on issues related to Nation Branding.




Morocco’s Reputation in the World

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