Internet-based exploratory and strategic system

Built intially on the basis on an Foresight Information System which is considered as a knowledge base that collects, directs and connects the necessary information for foresight analysis and strategic thinking within the IRES, the foresight watch system is built, since 2015, around an internet-based exploratory and strategic system (i-RES), which aims to provide the institut with a strategic watch system.

This strategic watch relies on an architecture that favours collective intelligence. Meant to capitalize the knowledge and the know-how, and to ensure its dissemination to researchers and affiliated researchers of IRES, it allows the production of prospective intelligence in order to enable those concerned to make strategic decisions.

The internet-based exploratory and strategic system (i-RES) includes on one side, a a information monitoring which constitutes the first phase of the collection and data exploratory process du processus, particularly thoses provided for the deep web, and on the other side, a strategic and immersive watch, which aims to detect and analyze germs of change, according to a prospective vision.

The chart below presents the components of the advanced watch system