Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques
External relations

In accordance with the Royal Message of August 30, 2013, adressed to the participants of the 1st conference of Ambassadors of his Majesty The King, the dimension "External relations of Morocco" occupied a prominent place in IRES work program.

On that ground, several studies were conducted, in relation with Morocco’s soft power or regarding relations of Morocco with neighboring countries (Spain, Algeria, Mauritania) and those part of the belonging areas of the Kingdom (Africa and Arab world). IRES also studied Morocco’s relations with countries from Nord America, South America, Aisa Pacific and with the BRICs.

The institute has also paid special attention to the question of diplomacy. During the first semester of 2015, it finalized the report on climate diplomacy and launched the studies related to economic diplomacy and cultural diplomacy.

In addition, a special attention was paid to the relations with Moroccans in the World. IRES piloted the study of Moroccans of the World 2030, undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Moroccans Living Abroad and the Council of the Moroccan Community living abroad.

By the end of 2015, the program "External relations of Morocco" involved the contribution on nearly 75 research associates and led to the achievement of a report proposing a strategy for mobility of Moroccans in the World by 2030 and 19 thematic reports, the conclusions of which were discussed in around thirty seminars, that brought together diplomats, representatives from public and private sector as well as academic experts.

Last update : 18-02-2016