Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques
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The role of the State and public policies constitute the fondation of IRES’s study programs. However, the private sector can also find in the work of the institute a vision for the future to which private companies, as well as public actors, can contribute.

As a space for reflection and proposals, IRES conducts study programs that focuses, in particular, on the following structural problematics :

  • Social bond in Morocco: what roles do the state and major social actors play?
  • Climate change: the impact on Morocco and the global adaptation options.
  • Global competitiveness and positioning of Morocco in the globalized system.
  • External relations of Morocco and diplomacy.
  • Intangible capital.

In studying these problematics that are addressed according to their national, international and global dimension, IRES adopts a multidimensional approach which takes into account issues interrelatedness so as to preserve the richness of complexity. The institute also undertakes diagnostics for different issues adressed in order to suggest strategic orientations, within the framework of public policies.

IRES carries out its study mission by adopting a foresight approach which is to think about the future in a global and transversal manner and to anticipate national and international changes, but also by capitalizing knowledge on strategic issues.

IRES mobilizes, as well, recognized skills at national and international level, by outsourcing scientific studies and devoting entirely itself, internally, to strategic thinking.