Morocco panorama in the world

In 2015, the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) inaugurated a new series of strategic reports: Morocco Panorama in the World . These annual strategic reports aim to present the situation as it is in its entirety (Big picture): a broad outlook.

The common factor of these five panoramas lies in the fact that they have all been designed, over a distant horizon (2040-2050), according to the prospective meta-method, which runs in three stages:

  • "Understand: a diagnostic phase to understand the present and past evolutions in a systemic and dynamic way;
  • Anticipate: a phase for exploring possible futures and imagining desirable futures, based on a process of problematization;
  • Propose: a collective phase of presentation and discussion of the results to prepare strategic directions."

The 2015 strategic report examined the major transitions  taking place at the global level and their impacts on Morocco, in terms of risks to be avoided, opportunities to be seized and disruptions to be anticipated.

The 2016 Strategic Report was devoted to the Kingdom’s international relations, based on the Guidelines contained in the Royal Message of 30 August 2013, calling on the Institute to devote its efforts to Morocco’s external relations and diplomacy. The report highlighted the foundations of the Kingdom’s foreign policy, as they are expressed in the Vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. The report addressed Morocco’s relations with its neighbourhood and reserved three chapters for the areas to which the Kingdom is affiliated, one chapter for its relations with America and another one for its relations with Asia.

This report was updated in 2019 and enriched with several elements, in particular, the importance given to Africa after Morocco’s return to the African Union, the development of relations with China and India as well as the prospects for strengthening relations with the European Union in accordance with the June 2019 Declaration on the Partnership for Shared Prosperity.

The 2017 Strategic Report was dedicated to the crucial issues of climate change and the ecological footprint. It was specifically designed to raise awareness of the global challenges facing the biosphere on the eve of the COP22 in Marrakech in November 2016.

The 2018 Strategic Report was about Africa's autonomous development , as His Majesty King Mohammed VI has always advocated. This report, which includes a significant amount of information, has highlighted the exceptional richness of Africa's diversity and demonstrated all that African countries have to gain by considering Africa as a whole, a specific and coherent reality throughout the continent. It is based on the observation that Africa is on the move and that, in order to become autonomous, it needs a new pan-African vision of the world, in favour of a global and civilizational African project.

In line with IRES' interest in global competitiveness and intangible capital issues, the 2019 Strategic Report  focused on global systemic issues and the need to take them into consideration while reflecting on Morocco's new development model. This model, which seeks the well-being of the Moroccan population, constitutes a contribution of IRES to the effort of reflection on this issue, in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines.