In accordance with the Dahir of creation of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies, IRES has a Steering Committee constituted of personalities appointed by His Majesty The King. The Director General is appointed by His Majesty The King. He has the authority and powers necessary to the management of the institute and the execution of its missions. He ensures, among others, a strategic role leading to promote the influence of IRES at the national and international level.

Operating in project mode, the institute has a flexible structure composed of a flexible structure composed of an academic unit, a foreseight watch unit and a support unit.Through a comprensive and holistic approach, this mode of organization allows the institute to operate with an optimized team, able to lead the strategic thinking.

IRES staff is ruled by a statute that precises the rights and obligations of this staff, by the decisions of the Director General as well as the appointment letters and engagement letters.

The Management team comprises "des chargés de mission" and an organization officer. Staff in charge of study and foresight watch include program and study coordinators as well as programme officers. Staff in charge of support covers human and financial resources, information and documentation systems, general support and cooperation.

The institute also includes for research, expertise from academic researchers and associate researchers. Scientific councils or reviewing committee by peers are constituted in order to ensure that IRES’s work is in line with the most rigorous quality standards at international level.

The quest for excellence, innovation and rigour are key principles of IRES’s charter of values. The culture of the institute relies on values and practices to which adhere the whole staff members taking into account the reference positioning of the institute as defined in its Dahir of creation.

Dahir of creation of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies