Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques
Royal Institute for Strategic Studies

Considering the context of rapid globalization and the several transitions of the national environment, Morocco has decided to contend with this complexity as a whole and to develop anticipation-based expertise. It is within this framework that the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) was established in November 2007.

IRES’s vocation is to contribute in decision-making on strategic issues. Its mission is to carry out strategic studies and analyses on issues as advised by His Majesty The King and to be entrusted with a strategic watch task, both at the national and international level, in fields deemed strategic for the country. It analyses domestic structural issues, examines Morocco’s external relations on a variety of dimensions and attaches great importance to global issues.

The Institute performs several intellectual practices, both in the field of study programs and strategic watch. These practices aim to focus on public policy in order to highlight the options available to fundamental reforms sought by the democratic and modern society project that Morocco is highly committed to. This role makes IRES stands in a significant position within the national scene, at the heart of the country’s political, economic and social issues. The institute’s interventions can be described as follows :

  • Analysis at a large scale so as to be able to deal with the country’s main issues, adopting a cross-cutting and multidimensional approach;
  • A time horizon that transcends current affairs.

IRES’s strategic thinking aims to understand the changes at global, regional and national context, anticipate the risks and leverages that these changes may conceal for Morocco and propose innovative public policies, adapted to these issues.

IRES, as an institute open to the outside world, endorses the approach of partnership at the national and international levels. Not only does this give rise to an intellectual emulation and synergy, but it also allows for creation and innovation. In this regard, the institute plays a role in linking public decision-makers, academics and civil society actors.

Since its creation up to July 2015, IRES has been able to claim credit for achievements that have given it a certain notoriety. IRES has produced some 90 reports, of which 22 strategic and institutional reports, 58 thematic reports and 9 reports related to IRES.Forum activity, and organized two international conferences on climate change and cities of the future as well as more than 175 seminars on a variety of topics. IRES has mobilized almost 190 associate researchers and about sixty PhD students, in addition to its own internal resources.

The study mission is reflected in the analysis of complex issues, related to social bound, climate change, global competiveness, international relations, intangible capital…

IRES's institutional brochure 
As part of its strategic watch mission, IRES processes permanently ten strategic dimensions, each comprised of three distinct strategic watch domains, provides follow-up to one thousand strategic indicators and analyses, on an annual basis, almost 500 publications issued by prominent national and international institutions.

Thus, IRES possesses at this time a number of important assets that should be noted:

  • Acquisition of genuine competence in the study of strategic issues and development of a proactive foresight watch system that covers the country’s key matters of concern, its external relations as well as global issues.
  • Development of specific expertise in the field of international relations, based on a multidimensional approach.
  • Affirmation of IRES, as a centre of dispassionate debate, favoring cross views over a wide range of issues.
  • Increasing growth of IRES’s role in the field of intellectual diplomacy.

In sum, IRES has three aims:

  • IRES.Think tank: Study of strategic issues of high impact on the country’s future.
  • IRES.Foresight watch: Follow-up and analysis of national, regional and international trends.
  • IRES.Forum: Centre for debates and thinking; Dissemination of strategic thinking.