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What role do intellectuals play in Morocco today ?

IRES organized on May 22nd, 2009, as part of the study program "the social bond in Morocco" a study day on "What role do intellectuals play in Morocco today ? ". This study day was devoted to discussing the methodology approach and to defining the intellectuals and their role in the production or strengthening of the social bond.

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Presentation of the general theme of the social bond program


The importance of the intellectuals’ role as producers of the social bond


The literary writers’ role in pre-modern contexts and the intellectuals’ role in modern contexts, particularly those marked by a Muslim heritage


The exile of intellectuals as a means to establish dominance over a population (the case of the conquest of Jerusalem by Babylon in -587 BC)


Figures of the intellectual: from a wise man to an expert passing by committed intellectual

Mr. Adil HAJJI


Are Moroccan intellectuals a group or a branch of individuals ? Why is the stream that emerged in the ’60s is no more expressed?


The speech of the Moroccan intellectuals living abroad in the Moroccan press, Why do they express themselves while the intellectuals in Morocco do not?

Mr. Rachid BENZINE





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