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Under the new guidelines contained in the Royal Message addressed, August 30, 2013, to the first Conference of Ambassadors, inviting IRES to devote its efforts to the diplomatic field and various issues of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, the Institute held November 28, 2013 a seminar on the theme " what place of North America within Morocco’s strategic options ?", attended by diplomats and experts of international issues.

The seminar emphasize the importance of this region for Morocco’s external relations, with view to the opportunities they offer in terms of development of trade and investment, but also in terms of bilateral cooperation in some important areas of common interest. In this respect, it was noted that the joint statement adopted by Morocco and the United States, following the November 22th, 2013 meeting of their Heads of State, opens great prospects in terms of strengthening their partnership and strategic alliance between the two countries.

Other relevant aspects have been discussed in depth including the assets Morocco should enhance so as to improve the accessibility of its exports to North America’s markets, the importance to use the status of Morocco's as a regional hub for African markets, in particular, and MENA region markets, in general, to promote the attractiveness of FDI from this region as well as the opportunity to strengthen human and cultural exchanges and support the linkages between non-governmental actors to promote mutual understanding and enable Morocco to benefit from appropriate platforms to effectively defend its priority strategic interests.


Mot d’introduction de M. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE,
Directeur Général de l’Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques

Modérateur : M. Nacer BEJELLOUN TOUIMI
Coordinateur du Projet d’études de l’IRES « Relations Internationales »,
ancien Ambassadeur
Mohamed CHATER, Professeur de l’Enseignement Supérieur, Coordinateur du groupe de travail de l’IRES sur les Relations Maroc-Amérique du Nord
« Cadrage général de l’étude et présentation des conclusions préliminaires
de la phase I »
Abdelhak BASSOU, Expert des questions sécuritaires, membre du groupe de travail de l’IRES sur les Relations Maroc-Amérique du Nord
« Dimension sécuritaire des relations Maroc-Etats Unis »
Mohamed TANGI, ancien Ambassadeur du Maroc au Canada
« Leviers de concrétisation du potentiel de coopération entre le Maroc et le Canada »
Aziz MEKOUAR, ancien Ambassadeur du Maroc aux Etats Unis d’Amérique
« Perspectives de renforcement des relations Maroc-Etats Unis »