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The new geostrategic balances in north Africa : ...

As part of its permanent mission of strategic watch and geopolitical component of its study program "Global competitiveness and positioning of Morocco in the globalized system", IRES held April 18, 2013, a seminar on "The new geostrategic balances in north Africa: analysis in terms of issues and actors”. Attended by experts of international geopolitical and geo-economic issues, this seminar has been devoted to examining the prospects of socio-political transformations in some North Africa countries and to assessing opportunities and associated risks in terms of reconfiguration of regional leadership and its corollary the strategic repositioning of Morocco in the region.

The debate held at this seminar highlighted the complex nature of the current developments in the North African region, exacerbated by the impact of global economic crisis on the pace of democratic transition and the growing influence of traditional but also emerging powers. Other relevant aspects were discussed in depth, including the threat from the Sahel-Saharan region, taking into account security vulnerabilities caused by porous borders, as well as the need to promote regional integration to address development challenges of north African countries and to strengthen their regional and international positioning


Mot d’introduction de M. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE, Directeur Général de l’Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques
Intervention de M. Abdelkader EL KADIRI, Professeur Universitaire, Coordinateur du groupe de travail de l’IRES sur les relations Maroc-Monde arabe

M. Rachid EL HOUDAIGUI, Professeur Universitaire, Université Abdelmalek Saadi- Tanger
«Les paradoxes géopolitiques en Afrique du Nord»
M. Zakaria ABOUDDAHAB, Professeur Universitaire, Université Mohammed V- Agdal
«De quelques retombées géoéconomiques de la dynamique de changement en Afrique du Nord »
Modérateur : M. Nacer BENJELLOUN TOUIMI
Ancien Ambassadeur, Professeur Universitaire, Coordinateur de programme d’études à l’IRES


MOT DE CLOTURE : M. Said MOUFTI, Directeur de Recherche- IRES

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