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Role of stakeholders in the design and implementation ...

As part of the study program “Global competitiveness and positioning of Morocco in globalized system”, the IRES organized on April 21, 2011 a seminar on "Role of stakeholders in the design and implementation of reforms in Morocco".

The seminar, to which took part a panel composed of parliamentarians, policy makers, private actors, representatives of civil society and academics, was devoted to assessing the degree of involvement of national stakeholders in the design and implementation of reforms and to examine the influence of these actors on the effectiveness of public policies with reference to some reforms examples.

The debate, at the seminar, identified the strengths and weaknesses in terms of ownership of major projects of reform and suggested some action levers that can strengthen the overall coherence of reforms and to maximize their impacts on development of the country.

Introduction by Mr. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE,
Director General of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies
Session 1: Contribution of actors to reform dynamics in Morocco: Situation Analysis
Moderator: Mr. Nacer BENJELLOUN TOUIMI
University Professor, Coordinator of the Study Programme “Global Competitiveness of Morocco”, former Ambassador

Mr. Mohsin EL AHMADI,
Member of the Working Group “Impact of reforms on the overall competitiveness of Morocco”
of the IRES
Ms. Nadira EL GUERMAI,
Governor, National Coordinator of the Human Development Initiative, Ministry of Interior

Member of Parliament
Mr. Mohamed HARAKAT,
President of the International Center for Strategic Studies and Global Governance

Member of Parliament

Mr. Fahd YATA,
Director of publication “La Nouvelle Tribune”
Session 2: Influence of actors on the effectiveness of reforms in Morocco: review of some reform experiences

Moderator: Mr. Said MOUFTI
Research Director, Study Project Coordinator “Economic Competitiveness”

Member of Parliament

Mr. Mohammed HADDAD,
Vice Director of Budget, Ministry of Economy and Finance

Mr. Brahim KETTANI,
Senior Director of Legislation, Studies and International Cooperation, Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Economy and Finance

Mr. Choukri AJRAOUI,
Judge, Secretary General, Ministry of Justice

Mr. Hakim EL Ghissassi,
Expert on religions, Ministry of Islamic Affairs

Head of Studies Division, National Committee for Prevention of Traffic Accidents, Ministry of Public Works and Transport

General Debate