Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques
Morocco-India relationships : current achievements and prospects

As part of its debate-cycle related to global geopolitical and geo-economic mutations that will shape the post-crisis world, IRES held on July 11th, 2011 a study day on " Morocco-India relationships : current achievements and prospects”.

This study day was led by Mr. Larbi MOUKHARIK, former Ambassador of Morocco in India, in presence of Mr. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE, IRES Director General, and a panel of former ambassadors of Morocco as well as some university experts. During this scientific event, emphasis was put on achievements in terms of cooperation between Morocco and India, taking into account various opportunities and stakes with view to future global economic and political trends.

The debate session focused on identifying potential areas that would enhance Morocco-India bilateral cooperation as well as the required levers for their implementation. Other relevant aspects mainly related to the specificities of the Indian development experience and the positioning of this country within the rising global geopolitical equilibrium have been examined in depth.

Introductory Speech by Mr. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE
Director General, Royal Institute for Strategic Studies

Communication of Mr. Larbi MOUKHARIK
Former Ambassador of Morocco in India


Synthesis & Conclusions

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