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The relations between Morocco and South Africa : ...

As part of its debate cycle on geopolitical and geo-economic global mutations, IRES organized on May 31, 2012, a study day on the theme: "The relations between Morocco and South Africa : reality and prospects ".

Facilitated by Mr. Talal RHOUFRANI, former Ambassador of Morocco to South Africa, in the presence of diplomats and experts on African issues, this event was devoted to examining various aspects of Morocco and South Africa relationships and their underpinning strategic issues, taking into account current and future changes of regional and international context.

The debate focused on several aspects including the levers to boost bilateral cooperation between Morocco and South Africa mainly from an economic and sociocultural perspectives, the opportunity to draw upon non-governmental actors in converging the two countries' positions on some key issues. Other relevant matters were discussed such as the importance for Morocco to enhance further its actions within the continent through a global and integrated vision, based upon development projects and promotion of international legality, and to back up its strategic positioning in Africa through a proactive communication policy.

Accueil des participants

Mot d’introduction de M. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE, Directeur Général de l’Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques

Intervention de M. Talal RHOUFRANI, ancien Ambassadeur du Maroc

Modérateur : M. Said MOUFTI
Directeur de Recherche à l’IRES, Coordinateur de projet d’études « Compétitivité économiques »


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