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International Context of Climate Change : what opportunities ...

As part of the study program “Climate Change: Impacts on Morocco and global adaptation options”, IRES organized on Monday, February 14, 2011 a seminar on "International Context of Climate Change : what opportunities and lessons for Morocco ? " This seminar was an opportunity to explore possible scenarios for international cooperation on climate change, in the light of the conclusions of the Copenhagen and Cancun Summit, as well as the possible opportunities in terms of support the efforts made by Morocco in the fight against climate change. A review of some relevant international experience has also been conducted with the aim to identify good practices for adaptation and mitigation that could be adapted to the Moroccan context.

Introduction by Mr. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE
Director General of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies

Presentation by Mr. Abdellah MOKSSIT
Director of Meteorological Services
Vice-Chairman of Working Group I in charge of evaluating the scientific aspects of the climate system and climate change (IPCC)
Member of IRES Scientific Committee of the study program “Climate Change”

From Kyoto to Durban: the invention of a new climate cooperation
Mr. Dominique AUVERLOT
Head of Research Department, Technology and Sustainable Development at the Center for Strategic Analysis under the Prime Minister , France

Presenting the findings of the IRES study “International benchmarking of climate change management ”
Ms. Marie-Louise Casademont
International consultant in strategy and sustainable development

General Debate

1:30 p.m.
Summary and conclusions

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