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Free trade agreements signed by Morocco : overall ...

Within the framework of its study program « Global competitiveness and Morocco’s positioning in the globalized system », IRES held on October 27th, 2011, a seminar on the theme: "Free trade agreements signed by Morocco : overall coherence and effects on the country’s international positioning”. This seminar, to which took part a panel of experts composed of diplomats, policymakers, private sector operators and academics, was devoted to examining the legal consistency of Morocco’s preferential trade agreements, their current and potential contribution to Morocco’s competitiveness. Also, the seminar has examined the necessary actions to be undertaken so as to maximize the benefits of these agreements in terms of growth and development. The debate at the seminar helped to emphasize the potential of new sectoral strategies to improve, over time, the specialization pattern of the Moroccan economy and the need to strengthen the quality of the exports to counter the various non-tariff barriers that still limit the accessibility of Moroccan products in key markets. Other relevant aspects were examined in depth. These include the effectiveness of the process of upgrading the national productive system, to meet the competitive shock induced by trade liberalization, and the role of the economic promotion abroad, to support the emergence of successful export sectors.

Introduction by Mr. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE,
Director General of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies
Session 1: Morocco Free Trade options: Opportunities and Constraints

Ms. Mouna Cherkaoui,
University Professor, University Mohammed V-Agdal.”The WTO and preferential trade agreements of Morocco : from coexistence to coherence ”

University Professor, University Mohammed V-Agdal. ” legal consistency of Morocco’s free trade agreements ”

Moderator: Mr. Nacer Benjelloun TOUIMI,
Program Coordinator at IRES, former Ambassador, University Professor
Session 2: Impact of free trade agreements signed by Morocco and how to maximize their benefits

Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. “The impact of free trade agreements signed by Morocco: assessment and prospects”

Secretary General of Export Morocco (Moroccan Center for Export Promotion). “Promotion of Morocco’s exports: what actual and potential effects on maximizing the benefits of free trade agreements”

Moderator: Mr. Said Moufti
Research Director, Project Coordinator “Economic Competitiveness”, IRES

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