School and values transmission : Morocco as a case study

As part of the study program, "social link" and "Global Competitiveness", the IRES organized on December 15, 2011, a study day on “School and values transmission : Morocco as a case study”, moderated by Mrs. Amina EL LEMRINI OUAHABI, Expert in education sciences and Mr. Said HANCHANE, Director of the National Authority of Evaluation- The Higher Council for Education. During this scientific event, to which took part a panel of academic experts and civil society actors, was an opportunity to review current practices in terms of education to values of citizenship and democracy in the Moroccan school and the main difficulties revealed in this area. Furthermore, an outline of the performance of the Moroccan school compared to some countries in the MENA region was presented. It has highlighted the negative impact of antisocial behavior and absenteeism on learners’ achievement at school. The debate engaged during the study day focused, among other things, on the need to enhance the convergence of school curricula to common shared values, in consistence with Moroccan socio-cultural specificities, the importance of strengthening school’s governance by promoting a participative approach towards all involved stakeholders, as well as the need to rely the schooling reform by enhancing the contribution of other social institutions such as family, media and other pedagogical institutions.