The operationalization of the constitution : impact on the governance of public policies in Morocco

This methodological seminar organized by IRES on Thursday, June 6, 2013, is the first meeting scheduled within the framework of the thematic study titled "the implementation of the Constitution and its potential impact on public policies in Morocco."

This study aims to identify the main challenges and constraints entailed by the operationalization process of the Constitution, mainly in terms of stakeholders’ appropriation capacity, management of the process of decision-making and participation, technical and political feasibility of some key legislative projects, as well as the overall costs and risks associated to this process.

During this seminar, to which took part, parliamentarians, government officials, civil society actors and university experts, a collective reflection was initiated on methodological aspects intended to enlighten the mode of operationalization of the Constitution and to seize the opportunities of re-appropriation of public policies governance system by national actors.