Climate vulnerabilities and sectoral strategies

As part of its study program "Climate Change: Impacts on Morocco and global adaptation options" aiming to sensitize policy makers to the impacts of climate change and how to mainstream these considerations into public policies and planning, a seminar was held on 30 November to present the preliminary results of a study devoted to the analysis of three sectoral strategies (water, agriculture and tourism) with respect to climate change. Several people representing public and private sectors, national and international organizations and civil society participated in this meeting. The team in charge of the study presented the main results of the analysis to which the consultation and discussion with stakeholders has led to. The main points that were discussed are the sectors issues and the socio-economic factors that make them vulnerable to the new climatic conditions, the socio-economic prospective of the three sectors, analysis of the sectors’ strategies in relation to environmental and climate risks (mitigation of climate risks that may affect its long-term structural measures, the structural choices of the strategies and the regional or local scales that have specific climate issues, and interaction among the three sectors studied); potential structural and economic actions to develop in response to climate risks, and identified partners to conduct  response actions.