The security situation in the MENA region : challenges and prospects

Accompanied by a high-level delegation, headed by Mrs. Karen Betts, UK Ambassador to Morocco, General Thomas BECKETT, Chief Adviser of the British Ministry of Defence for North Africa and the Middle East, facilitated, October 19, 2015, a conference on the theme: "The security situation in the MENA region : challenges and prospects".

This meeting, attended by Moroccans and British experts of regional and international issues, emphasized the security situation in some countries of the MENA region, namely Yemen, Libya, Syria and Iraq and highlighted its possible developments in the light of issues raised by the accentuation of the terrorist threat embodied by "daesh" and the influence of external agendas on the geopolitical balance in the region.

Other aspects were discussed during the conference, mainly the cooperation between the two Kingdoms in areas of common interest and the levers of its reinforcement at the bilateral and multilateral levels.