Challenges and Prospects of MINURSO

As part of IRES debate- cycle dedicated to the analysis of national strategic issues, namely the issue of Morocco’s territorial integrity, Mr. Shoji MATSUMOTO, Professor of International and comparative Law President of the Sapporo Institute of International Solidarity, facilitated,  May 20, 2014 at the Institute headquarters, a conference on  the theme " Challenges and Prospects of MINURSO".

This conference, attended by senior officials from government departments, academic experts and civil society actors, stressed the legal analysis of the role of MINURSO and the latest security Council Resolution relating thereto as well as and the prospects of this UN mission, taking into account new trends of the international and regional context and the reality on the ground.

Other relevant aspects were discussed, including the importance of conveying the process of finding a political solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara by building national capacity for legal analysis and the use of renewed approaches in order to better communicate on progress achieved by Morocco in terms of democratic consolidation and economic and social development of its southern provinces.