Making the Constitutional Reform a Success

The constitutional reform submitted by His Majesty The King Mohammed VI to a referendum was adopted after a massive electoral turnout and a large positive vote. Considering that the constitutional try was achieved, how to convert it into an institutional success?

In order to discuss this issue, IRES organized on Friday August 19th, 2011, an Iftar-debate attended by political and civil society actors, as well as university experts.

The debate revolved around the question of implementing the constitutional and institutional reform. It emphasized the role played by political, economic, social and cultural actors as well as the coherence of the planned actions and their time frame. Indeed, the adoption of an “accurate” schedule and a “clear vision of the process of setting up constitutional institutions” (Excerpt from the Speech delivered the Throne day, July 30, 2011) requires the involvement of all actors and stands as a key condition to achieve this process.