What role for climate change into sectoral strategies of Morocco ?

As a part of its study "Climate vulnerabilities and development strategies," Within the framework of its scientific program "Climate changes", the Royal Institute of Strategic Studies (IRES) has organized on Friday, April 20, 2012, a seminar on the theme" What role for climate change into sectoral strategies of Morocco ?".

During the seminar strategies sectors of water, agriculture and tourism have been reviewed as well as the efforts undertaken by Morocco in order to adapt these three sectors to climate changes.

Then, the working group in charge of the study presented the level of knowledge of vulnerabilities related to climate change across the sectors  and the interpretative framework proposed to examine, in a comprehensive and concerted way,the degree of integration of climate risks into the three sectoral strategies.

The debate at the seminar highlighted the importance of examining in depth the interdependencies between the three sectors and the human factor that is crucial to strengthen the skills needed for the development of the policy of adaptation to climate change.

Representatives of ministries of water, agriculture and tourism present at the seminar expressed on this occasion their adherence, with the IRES, to the sectoral strategies analysis in terms of climate change.