Critical infrastructures and cybernetic risk

As part of its strategic watch mission, IRES has organized on March 27, 2012, a seminar on the theme "Critical infrastructures and cybernetic risk ". This seminar to which took part a panel of experts in the field of cyber-security as well as some economic operators, government departments and national bodies, was devoted to examining the potential risks that affect critical infrastructure at large, with a reference to some case studies from the national context. The debates highlighted the importance for Morocco to ensure constant development of its preventive and warning capabilities to secure its vital infrastructures and strengthen their resilience to shocks. As such, it was stressed that the recent establishment of dedicated institutional structures (Strategic Committee of the Security of Information Systems, General Directorate of Security of Information Systems) is a necessary response that needs however to be accompanied by an active engagement of all stakeholders and a tight coordination of their interventions. Other relevant topics were discussed some of which are the need for an evolving legal framework to better manage cybernetic activities, the encouragement of scientific research in this field and the promotion of a culture of cyber security among all actors.