The Malian crisis’ scenarios : what implications for Morocco ?

Within the framework of its permanent mission of strategic watch, IRES held on February 7, 2013, a seminar on the theme " The Malian crisis’ scenarios : what implications for Morocco ? ". This seminar is a part of the cycle "regional and international security" initiated by the Institute in April 2012, was devoted to the examination of recent developments in the Sahel, in connection with the military intervention at work in Mali.

Facilitated by experts of geopolitical and security issues, the debate at the seminar focused, among other things, on the analysis of the situation in Mali in terms of actors and issues, exploring possible scenarios, including those linked to security slippage in the Sahel-Saharan Africa and the shock waves that could lead to neighboring countries including Morocco.

Other aspects were discussed in depth, such as the importance for the international community to prop up an approach based on the concept of comprehensive security to curb the terrorist threat and provide substantive responses.