Morocco against the rise of two transnational threats : terrorism and organized crime

IRES organized on January 29, 2015, a seminar dedicated to the discussion of the preliminary findings of the study titled " Morocco against the rise of two transnational threats: terrorism and organized crime ", to which took part senior officials representing security services, academic experts and diplomats.

This seminar focused on the issues and challenges raised by the accentuation of criminal and terrorist risks in the Sahel and the Mediterranean in terms of their direct and indirect impacts on Morocco. Other aspects were discussed including the strengths and shortcomings of public policies currently undertaken by Morocco to curb these threats as well as the required levers to increase efficiency through reference to some relevant foreign experiences.

The discussions held highlighted, among others, the need for Morocco to strengthen its security governance, by operationalizing the Security Supreme Council under Article 54 of the Constitution, to develop scientific research in this area and to consolidate the country’s anticipatory capacities in order to strengthen its resilience to transnational threats.