Issues and challenges of Morocco’s education system

As part of its permanent mission of strategic watch and its study program "global competitiveness and positioning of Morocco in the globalized system," IRES organized on January 2, 2013, a conference-debate, co-facilitated by Mr. Moulay Smail Alaoui, former Minister of Education, and Mr. Younes ELHIMDY, President of the Association “Citizens of Morocco" on the theme : issues and challenges of Morocco’s education system.

The conference, attended by national experts and officials, was devoted to the examination of various reforms of the national education system and the main factors explaining their limited impact in terms of human capital development in our country. Other relevant aspects were discussed, including the need to  make a paradigm shift in driving the reform of education, focusing on structural and holistic responses that fit the length and prop up the mobilization of synergies between actors involved in this field.