3rd edition of the conference “Coalition of Knowledge”

The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies hosted on 26 September 2016, the third edition of the conference entitled "coalition of Knowledge". This meeting, attended by senior representatives of think tanks from the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan, Egypt and Yemen, was devoted to examining the challenges and issues facing the Arab countries, in terms of building a multidimensional security policy.

The conference stressed, also, the issue of governance of the security system in the Arab countries, the public policies pursue in the fight against terrorism and extremism as well as the reality and the prospects of inter -Arab cooperation in terms of security and the strategic levers to preserve the territorial integrity of Arab countries.

On the sidelines of the conference, a Memorandum of Understanding was concluded between the IRES and the Arab Though Forum (ATF) of Jordan to promote cooperation between the two institutes in areas of common interest.

The final declaration of the conference highlighted the important role played by Morocco in the promotion of peace and stability at the regional level. Participants reiterated their unanimous support to the autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty, as an ultimate solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.