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  • How to adopt the "One Health" approach in Morocco ?


As part of the redesign of the national health system, the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) organized, with the assistance of "One Health Morocco", a Day on the theme "How to adopt the one health approach in Morocco?"

Recognized by international institutions (WHO, FAO, UNEP, OIE, ...), this approach considers that human health, animal health and the environment are intimately linked.

The meeting brought together representatives of international organizations, including the WHO and the African Union, those of ministerial departments concerned and a high-level panel including Moroccan and foreign experts in the field of global health. It was an ideal opportunity to review the concept of "one health", to cross approaches to better define its contours and to highlight the current and future issues inherent in this issue.

The meeting also allowed, within the framework of a collective intelligence approach, to hatch some innovative ideas, able to lay the foundations of a prospective vision for the adoption and implementation of the one health approach in Morocco.