Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques
Strategic report 2019/2020 : The new development model ...

The strategic report, titled “Towards a new development model” is a contribution by IRES to the thinking on this issue, in accordance with the Royal Guidelines contained in His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s October 13, 2017 address to the Parliament. Through this Speech, His Majesty called for the renewal of Morocco's development model.

In keeping with IRES' interest in global competitiveness, since 2009, and intangible capital, since 2014, the Institute has completed the drafting of the strategic report on the new development model in June 2019, in French, and in August 2019, in English. Copies of this report, designed following the three steps prospective meta-methodology, Understanding, Anticipating and Proposing, were submitted to the Special commission on the development model by the end of February 2020.

Aware of the complexity of the issue of the development model and the multiplicity of scales of analysis, IRES' adopted a singular approach in the matter, as the Institute's thinking is not merely national in scope but also reflects ongoing regional and international transformations.

The leapfrog approach has been favored, given the urgency of addressing challenges which make it necessary to leapfrog traditional steps and find alternative paths ahead, in order to allow Morocco to join the club of developed countries in the long run.